Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) sanction Pegasys Educational Publishing’s Test Papers?

A: The SQA do not sanction any commercially produced Test Paper as they are not permitted to endorse any commercial product.

However, every Writer and Editor at Pegasys Educational Publishing are experts in examination settings in their own specific fields.

Furthermore, Pegasys Educational Publishing employs external, independent professionals to scrutinise all our Test Papers to ensure that we constantly and consistently replicate the standard set out by the SQA.

Q: Can Pegasys Educational Publishing’s Test Papers be used for appeals purposes?

A: All of Pegasys Educational Publishing’s Test Papers can be used for appeals purposes as they meet all the security requirements set out by the SQA for valid appeals.

Q: When are Pegasys Educational Publishing's Resources and Test Papers available for purchase?

A: All of our resources are available to buy throughout the year by both establishments and members of the general public. Our current Prelims are available to order from June 2023 onwards, but can only be purchased by Schools and Colleges.

Should you have any further questions about our products or services contact us today.

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