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June 20, 2023

Pegasys Educational Publishing - Business as Usual – 2023/24 Flyers & Order Forms Now Ready!

Pegasys Educational Publishing's home study materials, homework packs and practice exam papers are now available to purchase privately by parents, students, and pupils at our sister website Pegasys Home Study.

Pegasys Educational Publishing have been serving Scottish Education since 1994 and are one of Scotland's leading suppliers of Preliminary Examinations and Resource Materials to Schools and Colleges the length and breadth of the country, with over 84% of Secondary Schools in Scotland regularly using Pegasys Publishing.

Pegasys now supply Preliminary Examination Papers at National 5, CFE Higher and in some cases CFE Advanced Higher levels in Mathematics and Business Education. We also offer various classroom materials in English.

We also produce other formal assessment materials across various levels. In addition we have formalised some assessment materials for National 4 by request. Please see our current flyers for detailed information on all these examinations and assessments.

All of our Prelims / Assessment Papers are of the highest quality and undergo a rigorous and stringent screening process and are pre-tested and proofed for their suitability and accuracy in order to meet SQA standards. This makes them ideal for thoroughly preparing students for their National Assessments by providing them with a realistic examination experience.

Features of our Test Papers:

All of our current Test Papers fully comply with the present SQA Arrangements / Documents etc. All are valid for the next examination diet (2023 / 24).

To enable all candidates sitting Prelims to experience an examination as close to the real thing as possible, all of our examinations have the same format and layout as the SQA question papers. Furthermore, all contain the highest level of text and graphic quality.

All Prelim Papers and Extended Units Tests are unseen and original each and every year.
All Test Papers meet all the security requirements set out by the SQA for valid appeals.
To ensure reliability and validity all our Test Papers are independently scrutinised.
All Test Papers come accompanied with detailed marking schemes.
All our Test Papers are available on CD Rom, paper, or both.
Our Test Papers are not in the public domain and come with a high security seal.
Detailed Guidance Notes regarding security and validity accompany every order.

Our Website is regularly updated to enable customers to access new product information and the relevant order forms as soon as they become available, so please visit our Website frequently to check for updates etc.

Our Website enables Schools and Colleges to quickly access and download our current 2023 / 24 Flyers - which contain relevant information about our products - and the appropriate order forms.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website and find it a useful and informative resource.

Please note:

All Prelim Examination Materials listed in our order forms can only be purchased by educational establishments i.e. Schools and Colleges.
These examinations can only be ordered by members of staff assigned to do so.
The general public are not permitted to purchase any of the current 2023 / 24 preliminary examinations, or extended tests.

This is in accordance with SQA security guidelines.

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